Rhino Horns

Rhino earrings

I am pruning the roses when he comes to join me.

He picks off a huge thorn, licks it and pops it on his nose.

“Let’s play rhinos, Mum”

He picks one for me and carefully places it on my nose.

“Grrrrrr… I’m a rhino”, he butts toward me.

“Grrrrrrrr”, I butt back.

“Let’s imagine we’re at Werribee”, he says.

“Not Africa?” I think to myself. A tinge of sadness wafts over me, but it does not last long.

“Butt, butt”, he says in his best rhino voice.

“Butt, butt”, I reply.

He pops an extra thorn onto both of our noses. Now we’re double horned rhinos. And he runs off to play.

It is half an hour later before I realise that I still have two rose thorns on my nose.

I wonder what the neighbours thought!

Today I am grateful.


Image: These cute earrings can be found here on Etsy. Designed by zoozjewelry.

The obligatory “Now I am a Blogger” post


They say that every new blog starts with a “Now I am a blogger” post.

You could say that this is that post. Except it isn’t really…

I’ve been a blogger for a while now (albeit, a bit slack of late), blogging for my business Leaf. I’ve attended several blogging conferences, networked with other bloggers, written countless comments on other blogs.

The idea for Tiny Moments has been running around for a long time… since I read this post in 2011 on Allison Tait’s blog, Life in a Pink Fibro, in fact. It started as a little project. For the two weeks of the project, I found myself becoming more mindful and grateful. I looked for each day’s Tiny Moment. Once empty days seemed full of meaning. It felt amazing!

Then I stopped and moved onto something else. I put aside the Tiny Moments project for another day.

Eventually, together with Vanessa from Mindful Parenting Magazine and Nathalie from Easy Peasy Kids, the project morphed into Mindful Moments – a gratitude journal project for parents and children to share together.

Still, Tiny Moments remained an idea (and a deserted Facebook page). Waiting, waiting… until now.

Like any new blog, I have no idea where it will lead. But at last I have my own space to record and share my own Tiny Moments – maybe daily, probably not! Hopefully, someone will read it and be inspired to do the same.

I might explore other stuff that matters to me too – connecting with inspiring people, nurturing creativity, living sustainably, parenting mindfully, running a small business (or two) and living a happier life (or at least one slightly less chaotic).

Let’s see where we go, shall we?


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