Winter Sun, Pink Bubbles and the Tour de Warburton

Pink Bubbles on a sunny Winter Day

It’s the last day of the school holidays. How did that happen?

Hubby has taken the day off work, so it was time to hit the road and go on a family adventure. Destination… the Yarra Valley.

The Munchkin and I settle down on the deck of Innocent Bystander, while Hubby samples a few wines. The Munchkin is in his own little world, locked behind sunglasses with The BFG audiobook plugged into his ears.

The sun is warm – that fabulous, but rare, Winter Sun. Just the perfect weather for a Moscato, I decide. I pause and lap up those life-giving rays.

My wine arrives and I savour its sweet, bubbly goodness. Lunch is delicious.

Next we head off towards the Warburton Rail Trail for a ride. I watch my boys (one big, one small) pretend to be Tour de France riders, sprinting for the finishing line. I am content to be in a rather relaxed palleton of one.

Life is good.

Today I am grateful.

The Carousel Ride


I almost didn’t make it.

I had helped the Munchkin onto his horse, taken a few photos to capture his excitement and then walked away to watch.

Suddenly, it hits me – I NEED to be on this carousel ride with him – and I have one ticket left!

I rush back to the gate and call out to the young woman on duty. Fortunately, there is a spare horse right next to the Munchkin. I mount my steed.

Round and round we go. Up and down.

The operator tells us that the carousel is turning 100 this year… 100 years of bringing joy to generations of children.

Patting my horse appreciatively, I am transported back in time. My mother rode this carousel. My grandmother. My great-grandmother.

I admire the artwork – so old and beautiful and elegant. I point out the machinery and the old organ to the Munchkin.

We have a pretend sword fight. Ching ching, ching ching.

And we laugh and laugh.

Today I am grateful.

Brown Paper Packages

Brown Paper Packages

It is done. I have made the decision to close Leaf and announced my Closing Sale

So many people to relay the news to – so many kind and thoughtful words have been returned. Four years ago I knew none of these people… I am truly blessed.

Better still, the orders keep rolling in.

The studio is full of boxes, brimming with brightly coloured stationery. The Munchkin reads the orders out, while I collate them.

And then I wrap them.

Clare Bowditch is next on the music mix… “You want this Amazing Life…” she sings. The words ring in my ears. This song has been my rock these past few months – since that day at TEDx Women when it seemed she sang it just for me.

Brown paper packages, tied up with string… heading out to their new homes. Fare thee well my beautiful friends. May you bring joy and love to all you meet.

Today I am grateful.

Leaf Closing Sale is on until 31 August 2013. 50% off or more on all products. Visit the Leaf Online store.

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