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Rhino Horns

Posted by on June 30th, 2013 with 0 Comments

Rhino earrings

I am pruning the roses when he comes to join me.

He picks off a huge thorn, licks it and pops it on his nose.

“Let’s play rhinos, Mum”

He picks one for me and carefully places it on my nose.

“Grrrrrr… I’m a rhino”, he butts toward me.

“Grrrrrrrr”, I butt back.

“Let’s imagine we’re at Werribee”, he says.

“Not Africa?” I think to myself. A tinge of sadness wafts over me, but it does not last long.

“Butt, butt”, he says in his best rhino voice.

“Butt, butt”, I reply.

He pops an extra thorn onto both of our noses. Now we’re double horned rhinos. And he runs off to play.

It is half an hour later before I realise that I still have two rose thorns on my nose.

I wonder what the neighbours thought!

Today I am grateful.


Image: These cute earrings can be found here on Etsy. Designed by zoozjewelry.

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