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Ten little froglets sitting on a wall…

Actually, they are sitting on the top rim of their tank, under a layer of flyscreen that is not securely held down by the lid. They are about to escape all over the Munchkin’s bedroom. I just know it! It all started on Saturday, when Hubby decided it was finally

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Bird O’Clock

I sit with Hubby, each with a cider in hand, at our new pondside terrace. It has not been what I would call a super-productive day, and yet between us we have completed the next stage of the Viking shield project, done a load of washing, painted the staircase, sanded

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A world made whole

He’s such a nature boy – the Munchkin. I would say this at any time, but this week it has really struck home how much his love for nature has become part of his imagination, his play and his personality. The first incident happened over breakfast. “Mum, Dad, we have

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Hi, I’m Cath

Cath Connell

Creating my amazing life one tiny moment at a time. Bringing the Hubby, a Munchkin and about a dozen tomato plants along for the ride.

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