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Today I realised something I never knew about myself… I can count paper without looking! Just like that, I can fan out a small pile and count it, 2 by 2. Automatically, I know when I’ve picked up an extra sheet, just by the feel of it between my fingers.

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Brown Paper Packages

It is done. I have made the decision to close Leaf and announced my Closing Sale… So many people to relay the news to – so many kind and thoughtful words have been returned. Four years ago I knew none of these people… I am truly blessed. Better still, the orders

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Goodbye dirtgirl. Goodbye Leaf.

Twelve months ago, on an icy cold morning, I took these five kids, a couple of mums and a photographer to our local school. I shared in their wonder as they explored the leaves and chestnut shells in the paddock. Later, as they put together their journal pages with the

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Hi, I’m Cath

Cath Connell

Creating my amazing life one tiny moment at a time. Bringing the Hubby, a Munchkin and about a dozen tomato plants along for the ride.

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