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The Mindful Moments Journal Project

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Creating Happiness Through Gratitude

Featuring Child Behaviour Consultant, Nathalie Brown of Easy Peasy Kids

Mindful Moments


The Mindful Moments Journal Project is a co-creation between you and your child(ren), helping you build a daily practice of gratitude as a family.

  • Build your child’s self confidence & contentment
  • Build a greater understanding & appreciation of your kids
  • Keep a record for the future of their growth, creativity & daily lives
  • Record your own thoughts & reflections on parenting
  • Practise & experience gratitude as a tool for greater happiness, fulfilment and contentment

Mindful Moments are those special “aha” moments that allow us to stop and take notice. They can be incredibly tiny, such as a flash of a smile from our child that warms our heart, to huge “Mack Truck” moments where an event or idea changes our lives forever. They occur constantly – we just need to slow down enough to recognise them.

Concentrating on Mindful Moments, instead of using other gratitude methods such as daily gratitude lists, helps build positive relationships and open up discussions about feelings, people and experiences instead of focussing on just “things”.

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  • Step by Step Instructions on How to Start Your Own Mindful Moments Journal Project with Your Family
  • Tips for Positive Open Discussion with Kids by Nathalie Brown, Child Behaviour Consultant (Easy Peasy Kids)
  • Tips on Practising Gratitude
  • Positive Emotions List
  • Thank You Pages, Printables & Emotion Stickers

The Authors

Cath Connell (previously Creative Director of Leaf Paper and Journals),  Vanessa Carnevale (previously Editor of Mindful Parenting Magazine) and Nathalie Brown, Child Behaviour Consultant at Easy Peasy Kids, collaborated to put together this wonderful eBook, that’s filled with pages containing ideas and practical and fun ways of embracing the concept and practice of GRATITUDE and the capturing of life’s daily MINDFUL MOMENTS.

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