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God Defend our Chickies

Posted by on August 26th, 2014 with 0 Comments

Cute Little Chickies

After rescuing a friend’s henhouse about three years ago, we finally have chicks! Three gorgeous, little black and yellow fuzzballs. At least that’s what they were two weeks ago.

Now they’re starting to get a bit scrawny and scruffy around the edges. I can’t believe how quickly they grow – and how much they EAT!

The Munchkin is absolutely smitten (we’re all a bit smitten, actually)! Since their arrival, he has started making up songs about them. He also sings them lullabies at night before bed. So far we’ve had:

  • Chickies are Awesome! and it’s sister song, Everything is Chickies!
  • Rockin’ Chickies (cheep, cheepity, cheep)
  • Hush Little Chickies
  • Rock-a-bye Chickies

Considering this was only a fortnight’s work, I am definitely expecting others over the coming weeks!

We certainly knew where his alliances lay on the weekend when he started singing “God Defend our Chickies” to the theme of the New Zealand National Anthem. (Sorry Grandad, I think we have another All-Blacks supporter in the house.)

Meanwhile, I’m hoping that God (or any other deity for that matter) will listen and take heed. I’m also hoping that Hubby’s tendency for over-engineering will be enthusiastically applied to the building of Foxy Fort Knox, just in case God is otherwise occupied!

Here’s to Cute Little Chickies, Cute Little Chickies, Cute, Cute, Cute, Cute, Cute Little Chickies (this one is the Munchkin’s own composition – think punk rocker style gruff voice and head banging beat!)

Today I am grateful. #welovechickies

Cute little Munchkin - with chick

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