The First Draft

The Munchkin is a writer – he just doesn’t know it yet!

It seems like forever that he has been regaling us with tall tales from parallel universes. Places where magic happens and there are way too many battles. There was only one problem… he couldn’t write.

He started school and discovered writing was hard work… and wouldn’t write.

It’s been a battle of wills, although I’ve tried not to fight TOO hard in case I lost. I want him to learn to write well, because… he’s a writer!

Today he brought home his first written story – three whole pages covered in incorrectly formed letters and terrible spelling… and a story! Admittedly, it was a story about how zombies attacked the school and stole the school principal – typical boy stuff!!!

He’s decided he wants to rewrite it – so we’ll correct the spelling and work on some letter formation (at least in theory… I await to see the outcome in practice!)

I explain to him how all good writers work – create the first draft to get the ideas out, then edit, rewrite (possibly multiple times) and then publish the final work. They don’t do this at school… they expect it to be right, first time.

It is my hope that he will feel like a real writer, and that this will be the first of many stories committed to paper.

I am so proud of him!!!

Today I am grateful.

The Calm Before the Storm

An unseasonably warm wind is blowing when I start watching the backyard soccer game.

I can see the storm coming in the distance – the dark clouds, the lightning. I figure it is about 10 minutes away.

“GOOOO-AAAAL!!!”, the Munchkin pronounces, even though there is no net nor opposition. He sets up for another attempt.

Four years I’ve been here for him… to just play and be himself after school (pre-school, daycare). He NEEDS this downtime. I HAVE to work from home, however that may happen.

He has a go at a freestyle turn. I think he needs a little more practice.

The wind picks up and the huge eucalypts above me sway ominously. I pray that their flexible trunks and branches will do their thing tonight.

Lightning flashes again across the sky, much closer this time. Huge drops of rain start to fall. The air grows chilly.

It’s time to go inside, where it is warm and safe.

Today I am grateful.


Today I realised something I never knew about myself… I can count paper without looking!

Just like that, I can fan out a small pile and count it, 2 by 2. Automatically, I know when I’ve picked up an extra sheet, just by the feel of it between my fingers. Fourteen years of counting paper, practice honed just so that I can make notebooks and watch ancient episodes of Charmed at the same time.

I wonder what other amazing skills I have that I have never acknowledged. I wonder where they will lead.

Today I am grateful.

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