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Volcanoes in the Sky

Posted by on October 14th, 2014 with 0 Comments

Cheetah Stories

It’s an average Tuesday evening. The sun is setting. It’s post dinner. It’s really not that warm on the deck!

Hubby has promised the Munchkin a Cheetah story for the first in time in what seems like forever. However, he’s taking an age getting ready for bed and making himself a hot chocolate.

I peek in the door and call out… “Everything OK in there?”

A little voice calls back, “Yes, just making my hot chocolate. Would you like me to make you a cup of tea?” (Proud Mummy moment right there – my night is made!)

He soon joins us, and settles down to be my lap warmer, sipping hot chocolate as we watch the last rays beam from the incoming storm clouds. The top edge glows gold, then fluoro orange until only a few tips are still glowing bright orange. “Volcanoes in the Sky” someone declares.

Naturally, it led us here – possibly via “Chickies in the Sky… Chickies flying high”!

The Munchkin and Hubby head upstairs to explore to the latest instalment of Cheetah Story while I scour YouTube.

The Doors’ classic song plays while I do the dishes, looking out at the last remans of the sunset. The benefits of a broken dishwasher (again!)

The song eventually finishes (it’s over 7 minutes) and I hear new strains coming from the Munchkin’s bedroom… gravelly, earthy singing…

“Cheetah hunt gazelle,
Cheetah hunt gazelle.
Hunt them ’cos they’re yummy
Put them in my tummy”

And giggles, lots of giggles!

An average Tuesday evening.

Today I am grateful.

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