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The Singing Alarm Clock

Posted by on June 24th, 2014 with 0 Comments

Singing Child

It is 7.15am and I am snuggled under the doona. The wind is blowing a gale outside and it is pouring with rain. “Another 15 minutes”, I think to myself. “Then I’ll be ready to start the day.” Who am I kidding?

I drift off again into a half snooze.

From the other end of the house I catch a few snippets of something through my doziness…

“We are the Champions, we are the Champions!”

Surely I am imagining things.

“No time for losers, for we are the Champions…”

No, it’s definitely singing!

“Of the world!”

The Munchkin has woken up singing – Queen of all things…

Normally it is he who does the calling out – “Good morning Mum!”, but today it is my turn. “Good morning, Munchkin”, I call. He takes a short break to acknowledge my greeting before bursting into another song – something from Abba this time.

My work here is done!

Today I am grateful.

Image: A very young Munchkin impersonating Elton John (after watching an episode of The Muppets). The drumstick microphone was his invention!

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