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The fall of Supermum

It was a typical morning. The rush of getting myself ready for work, “discussing” getting dressed with the Munchkin, “discussing” eating breakfast, “discussing” cleaning teeth, “discussing” putting on shoes. Running late… again! Knowing the boss would give me one of “those” looks as I turned up at my desk –

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Paving a new way to parent

Have you ever stopped to think about the fact that today’s parents are breaking new ground in the whole parenting thing? After all, parents have been parenting for as long as humans have been raising kids, and that’s a mighty long time! However, for the millennia of human parents before

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Start small and start at the beginning

“Start small and start at the beginning.” These wise words from my lovely friend, Kelly Exeter, came through late the other night, after I shared with her my post about Robin Williams that she had inadvertently inspired. These little words of encouragement helped me gather that extra bit of wobbly

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Hi, I’m Cath

Cath Connell

Creating my amazing life one tiny moment at a time. Bringing the Hubby, a Munchkin and about a dozen tomato plants along for the ride.

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