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What is YOUR Spark?

How long is it since you’ve nurtured your own “Spark”? You know that special something that makes you feel really good, that ignites your passion, that you can lose track of time doing? If you’re lucky (lucky by choice, that is), your spark is your work and you’re earning your

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A Quick Guide to Slow Parenting

In an epiphany rather like my own “fall from grace”, journalist Carl Honore recognised that it was time to slow down when he caught himself getting excited about discovering a range of 1 minute bedtime stories to read to his young daughter. This realisation sent him on a path that

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God Defend our Chickies

After rescuing a friend’s henhouse about three years ago, we finally have chicks! Three gorgeous, little black and yellow fuzzballs. At least that’s what they were two weeks ago. Now they’re starting to get a bit scrawny and scruffy around the edges. I can’t believe how quickly they grow –

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