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We could build a spa!

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Tonight, I am completely enamoured of the Munchkin’s creativity.

As you have probably guessed by now, Lego features pretty heavily in this house (preferably NOT in the pathway for unwary feet!).

For example, we have recently enjoyed Lego Loom Bands, Lego Pyramids and Lego Tanks.

Our latest instalment is the Lego Bretonnian Army, complete with Lego Pegasus, Lego Trebuchet and the amazing Lego Prophetess and her magical staff.

For those of you without older (nerdier) lads, I am speaking here of Warhammer battles, normally the domain of pre-pubescent boys (and geeky hubbies), and their multitudes of impossibly expensive models for improbably large armies. I know, we have two of these armies in our collection already! Not one of them is Bretonnian. (Dwarves and Skaven if you must know!)

With a lock down on battle funds, the Munchkin has turned rogue, and brought in reinforcements – Lego reinforcements!

Who are obviously in need of a post-battle spa… A Lego spa!

Lego Spa

“Just hang your helmet on the post there, Sir. Take your legs off before entering. Leave your horse to graze out the front.”

The Munchkin’s creations may not be as sophisticated as those in the recent Lego Movie (let’s face it, whose are???), but the stories are no less creative.

Which is why The Lego Movie* ticked all my boxes.

The Munchkin has never been a “follow the instructions” kind of guy when it comes to Lego. Anything built to spec has been reinterpreted, adjusted or plain out destroyed. But when it comes to his own creations, well, that’s another story! You should see the spaceships, mining vehicles, transporters, forts… they’re amazing! I love that Lego can allow kids to do this. More than that, I loved that The Lego Movie encouraged it!

There are so few toys today that allow this level of openness and creativity in kids. Everything seems to follow a special “marketing” formula… carefully designed to maximise profits and minimise creativity. <robot voice> You. Must. Buy. More. Stuff. To. Increase. Fun… Buy. More. Stuff. Now. <end robot voice>

Yet the stick and the cardboard box still remain two of the most popular toys of all time. Followed closely by Lego, I’m guessing.

In our house, these three alone have allowed us to have all the fun of millions of games, toys and adventures, without the expense. And I know that each time one of them is engaged, the Munchkin is gaining in confidence in using his imagination, his ability to create something out of nothing (or not much), solve problems, create stories and connect with others.

I think the future is very bright for our young creators. Even movies are on their side now!

It’s up to us to nurture this creativity, provide the tools, give help when required, and get out of the way the rest of the time.

Maybe take a rest in the Lego Knight Spa!

PS. Regarding the expense of Lego… not all of our Lego is brand new. We have inherited Lego (where most of the knights come from), and also bought a substantial amount second hand in bulk, on eBay.  Highly recommended!

PPS *I wish this was a sponsored post! But it’s not… I just like Lego! Sad, I know 🙁

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