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The Colour of Happiness

Posted by on July 2nd, 2014 with 0 Comments

Colour of Happiness

At last we have reached the ocean. After hours of driving through endless fields, coal mines and forests, it feels like coming home.

We have caught the last rays of the late afternoon, catching the breakers and making them glow.

The Munchkin runs off to make a sand castle. His dad will soon join him… boys + beach = sand castle, right?

Personally, after 7 hours in the car, I prefer to walk.

As the sun sinks lower behind the trees, the water takes on THAT hue… that incredible azure blue that only happens at sunset, when the reflection of the blue sky hits the water edge, and sits on top of the orange glow.

It is my favourite colour. The colour of calm, of magic, of happiness.

This colour first became my colour of happiness a long time ago. In defiance of some nasty bullying girls at primary school, who over-painted my papier mache project a hideous, greyish pink, I discovered the beauty of this blue, created by the contrast of sitting on top of pink/orange undertones. It took my breath away with its beauty. It reminded that everything would be OK, and that I can take control of my life and choose to be happy, no matter what is thrown at me.

When I rediscovered this shade while living near the beach in Glenelg, it did it again.

As it does today.

I wander back to my boys… they have created a HUGE sand castle. The Munchkin is soaked and covered head to toe in sand. It is almost dark.

My blue is finally merging into orange, the last of the sunset reflected in the sea.

Today I am grateful.

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