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Ten little froglets sitting on a wall…

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Actually, they are sitting on the top rim of their tank, under a layer of flyscreen that is not securely held down by the lid. They are about to escape all over the Munchkin’s bedroom. I just know it!

It all started on Saturday, when Hubby decided it was finally time to clean out the bottom pond and do some landscaping work he’d been wanting to do for some time. Not that the pond didn’t need a clean out… it was giving the Rio Negro a run for its money in underwater visibility! I also think he wanted to see if any of the Murray River Rainbows we’d released several weeks ago to solve the mozzie problem were still there, or if we’d just spent $75 on kookaburra food. It had been the subject of some disagreement between us.

“It’s OK”, he said. “I’ve only spotted a few tadpoles. Shouldn’t be a problem.” He wasn’t feeling quite so cocky after he’d rescued over 100 of them!

Transferred into their temporary tank in the Munchkin’s room, we settled into the idea of having pets for a few days. Pets that, as it turned out, were rapidly growing limbs!

Hubby released the first lot of froglets into the top pond on Saturday, and a second lot on Sunday. Despite the heat, he worked fast to fix up the bottom pond and refilled it, the plan being to let it sit for a day or two to settle and allow the chlorine to dissipate before releasing them back into “the wild”.

Which leads me to today’s dilemma. Do I wait until Hubby and Munchkin get home so they can be part of the frog-releasing adventure, or do I act now in the best interests of these little guys, who will come to all sorts of disastrous ends if they get out?

Tough decision! I think I’d better go check up on them again.

For our gorgeous ponds that we created from scratch and now attract a diverse range of local wildlife, for these cute little froglets and for finding all six fish, alive, well and looking totally satiated… Today I am grateful.

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