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An Introduction to Sandcastle Design and Engineering

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Whoever said that sandcastle building was child’s play was wrong! Anyone who thinks they are merely decorations to adorn the beach… wrong again!

In fact, construction of the ultimate sandcastle is a major feat of engineering and design. For starters, a good sandcastle has to withstand the force of the incoming tide. Making a sandcastle too far up the beach, or as the tide is going out is considered cheating.

In order to achieve this adequately, the central fortress or “keep” must be protected by a series of wave resistant walls and moats, which help reduce the pounding of the sea on the central structure and facilitate the movement of excess water back out to sea.

Constant reinforcement is required, and a less than diligent sandcastle builder will find him (or her) self unable to compete with the more consistent efforts of Mother Nature herself. The more one can “put one’s back into it” the better. Therefore, it is advised (but rarely followed) that one is suitably attired in shorts or bathing costume, with shoes removed, as a complete soaking is absolutely guaranteed as part of the job description.

With this basic engineering in mind, design elements can be more thoroughly investigated, depending on the local materials (shells, rocks, seaweed etc) and the amount of time available for construction.

Naturally, a full afternoon at the water’s edge, as the tide is turning, is going to yield the best results.

How do I know this?

Hubby is a master sandcastle builder. He has been making sandcastles at the first sign of beach for as long as I have known him. Every. Single. Time.

Now he has an apprentice. Munchkin has adopted his role with gusto.

Together they turn sandcastle design and engineering into an artform… one that is apparently worthy of complete strangers stopping to take photos.

Now that is something to be proud of!

Today I am grateful.

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