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Meditation on Digging in the Sand

Beach. Sunshine. Plastic bucket and spade. I sit on the sand and watch the Munchkin run in and out of the water. It is cold, but he’s trying not to notice. Eventually he gives up and heads onto the sand bank. Behind us is a shallow lagoon, cut off by

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Basil Pesto and PopBrazil

It is barely five minutes after arriving at my in-law’s house that my next day is planned on my behalf. Grandma points out her multitude of beautiful, lush basil plants. It is my task to turn them into pesto. The next morning, the Munchkin helps gather the first lot of

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Byron Aesthetics

Whales in the distant blue waters, tiny sprays blowing in the wind. Hand carved glass lenses of a type no longer made, stopped from their normally tireless turning for the shortest time, seemingly just for us. Drumming in the last light of the day – kids and twilight women dance

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Hi, I’m Cath

Cath Connell

Creating my amazing life one tiny moment at a time. Bringing the Hubby, a Munchkin and about a dozen tomato plants along for the ride.

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