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God Defend our Chickies

After rescuing a friend’s henhouse about three years ago, we finally have chicks! Three gorgeous, little black and yellow fuzzballs. At least that’s what they were two weeks ago. Now they’re starting to get a bit scrawny and scruffy around the edges. I can’t believe how quickly they grow –

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Playing Mediaeval Dress-Ups

The scene: The Abbey Mediaeval Festival The year: 2014, although looking around you might be confused – it could be any year from 1100 to 1600. We arrive properly adorned – a lord, his lady and a young knight. The males of our party carry swords on their hips (security

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Bribie Sunset

Sun… I have worshipped it every day since we arrived here. Leaving behind the grey, the cold, the misery of Melbourne winter to come here, for sun! Most of this week I have just sat and watched and enjoyed, but eventually it was time to record. The beach, the mangroves, the

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