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Bird O’Clock

Posted by on January 27th, 2014 with 0 Comments

Everyone likes birds.

I sit with Hubby, each with a cider in hand, at our new pondside terrace.

It has not been what I would call a super-productive day, and yet between us we have completed the next stage of the Viking shield project, done a load of washing, painted the staircase, sanded 1/3 of the front deck, added another level to a retaining wall and commenced the pond slate décor project. Another day in paradise!

As we finally relax, enjoying the fruits of many similar weekend’s work, the birds arrive.

First, a Spotted Pardalote lands on the top section and finds a perfect dry spot to sip from the small drinking hole it finds there. A couple of Eastern Spinebills come next and fly in and out of the bottom part of the pond, seemingly enjoying a bath. Two tiny grey wrens rock up next and bathe in the top level. A Grey Fantail flits in and out of the pond, making several trips back to the nearby tree. At one stage, he cheekily joins us at our table!

They love this pond… the little birds. It offers a safe haven to play, drink, hide out, hang out. The bigger birds like the water bowl on the deck, although they’ll occasionally enjoy a bath in the pond too. We never feed them, and yet we always have a multitude of birds here.

Hubby and I laugh about how we have created such a lovely oasis for these birds, a polite cover for the pride we feel for our accomplishments. It has taken a lot of hard work… so many weekends we could have spent doing other things that “normal” people do (btw, what do normal people do on weekends?)

It’s good to occasionally relax and enjoy it!

Today I am grateful.

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