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Basil Pesto and PopBrazil

Posted by on July 6th, 2014 with 0 Comments

Basil Pesto

It is barely five minutes after arriving at my in-law’s house that my next day is planned on my behalf. Grandma points out her multitude of beautiful, lush basil plants. It is my task to turn them into pesto.

The next morning, the Munchkin helps gather the first lot of leaves.

I turn the TV to SBS radio. PopBrazil has been running throughout the World Cup, and it makes great background music.

With the jars clean and sterilised, Grandma and the Munchkin head to the beach.

Meanwhile, I pick, wash, dry, grate, blend, spoon and samba my way through the next few hours. The anomaly of making pesto in July does not escape me.

Six large jars of Queensland sunshine.

Some of that sunshine will be coming home with me!

Today I am grateful.

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