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A world made whole

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Love for this Earth

He’s such a nature boy – the Munchkin.

I would say this at any time, but this week it has really struck home how much his love for nature has become part of his imagination, his play and his personality.

The first incident happened over breakfast.

“Mum, Dad, we have visitors! Come quickly.” It’s holidays, so I rolled over and half opened a sleepy eye. Hubby grunted. “You have to come, there are a whole heap of King Parrots on the deck!” We dragged ourselves out of bed, got dressed quickly and headed out.

Sure enough, five young parrots had come in to investigate our water bowl, which sadly, was almost empty. Munchkin had the situation in hand though… “Get the water jug, Dad. I’ll grab my camera.” And as Hubby slowly, carefully, approached the birds, the Munchkin snapped away. (This may have the been the result of me missing the perfect photo opportunity previously when Hubby hand watered a King Parrot!)

Thirsty Parrot

A day later, at a friend’s house, four young boys (the Munchkin, plus his friend and two brothers) created the most imaginative mini-pondscape, complete with toy lions, a waterfall, and lush vegetation. It’s amazing what a plastic shopping bag, a few rocks, a pipe and a piece of guttering can produce!

Every day brings a new adventure. A yabby dug out from his hole (they hurt when you don’t hold them properly), researching cicadas on the internet after finding them all over the garden, watching the tadpoles nibble at lettuce leaves, trying to catch skinks to feel their smooth skin, climbing trees and scaring the possums, observing bugs, bees and birds go about their daily business.

Not that he’s always keen on getting on heading outdoors. He is a normal 7 year old after all, and the appeal of his new Wii game, Geronimo Stilton or his latest Lego creation will often win out, even on a gorgeously sunny day. Some days I have to force feed him dose of “Vitamin N”. Some days I deliberately play “mean Mummy” and deny all digital privileges, in the hope he’ll get bored and head outside.

However, he is starting to realise for himself how important it is to his mood to have some “green time”. He is fortunate that we have chosen to live in a place where he is completely surrounded by nature.

It is weeks like this one that all the hard work we have put into building ponds, landscaping garden beds, creating ferneries, planting natives, tending the herb and veggie garden, seem all worthwhile. Childhood is so short, and yet the memories he will carry through life… of the freedom, the adventures, the discoveries, the stories and the simple joy of being a part of it all, will stay with him forever.

Do you do “green time”? What nature activities do your kids love the most?


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